Poor Designs Webography

A history of click what, go where, see what…?

I began designing for the web in 1995. In those days the web was so much simpler in it’s code, yet complicated in it’s layout. Figuring how to best format a page that looked great and functioned well was challenging at best. What has become referred to as User experience, Information architecture, Interface design, Visual design was all one thing — web design.

I did everything under these modern classifications: user research, A/B testing, wireframes, journey maps, mock-ups, prototypes, coding HTML, visual design, all of it.

An incomplete collection of the websites I’ve designed and built.
xxSouth Milwaukee Performing Arts Center xxPeter Zelle,
Zelle Glass Studio
xxVivian Glyck,
Glyck Communications
xxThe Wingmakers Saga ~ Ver. 3
xxMacPhail Center for the Arts xxJim Dryden, Illustrator xxMN. Physician-Patient Alliance ntaNational Technology Alliance
xxWingMakers V.1 xxWingMakers V.2 xxWingMakers V.3 xxWingmakers E-Book
xxArms and Armor V.1 xxArms and Armor V.2 xxPhotocast Ltd. xxCrystal Map
xxInternational Center for
Accelerative Learning
xxMHS – Hill House Exhibit xxIra Keer xxEye of the Storm Theatre

Unpublished Prototypes

Carlson Marketing Group
~ eCMG
xxCarlson Marketing Group
~ Newlevel
~ Call it instant justice
International Harvestor
~ Intranet