Career Achievements

Early in my career I worked with Andersen Windows to recreate all the technical drawings of their window products. My crew and I produced 600 drawings in 6 days, and typeset 50 pages of their catalog!

I redesigned the identity for NetRadio Network, one of the very first internet radio stations. My design was used in advertising seen on MTV and other national stations.

I worked with The Minnesota Historical Society to design and typeset all the signage for the new Minnesota History Center in downtown St. Paul. – no small feat! The most challenging aspect was to create the etched-glass donor wall.

I was one of the founding partners of Photocast Ltd. We were offering digitized hot lead and wood types in hi-res Photoshop, Type1 and Trutype laser fonts, and Illustrator eps versions long before Adobe had implemented the “create outlines” option for type.

I designed and produced the Mayo Clinic Health CD-ROM packaging, creating the design concept and prototype in 2 days over the weekend. I was then asked to redesign the other Mayo Clinic CD-ROM products to bring them into conformity with my design.

I provided training to some of the biggest name design firms in Minneapolis as desktop publishing became the industry standard, including P. Scott Makela, Fallon McElligott, Larsen Interactive, and even Billy Graham (yes, The Billy Graham.)